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Mike Nicoletti's
B&O, C&O and Western Maryland.

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Mike and Alicia Nicoletti's HO scale layout is primarily B&O, C&O and Western Maryland. It was located in the Air Conditioned second floor of a 16 x 24 barn behind his house. The HO layout is fully computerized with DCC Control. That layout is now history as he has moved and has begun construction of another layout again in an outbuilding.

Photos of the original layout

August 2002

October 2004
Mike said:
I just finished installing a six foot vertical staging yard and Display. It is Called "RO-RO Train Elevator" and holds 9 complete trains up to six feet long. You press a button and it indexes to the next level either up or down. For someone like myself this is great because I really don't have any yard or staging space to speak of .Jim Wilhite came by yesterday and took a look. I think he may get one also. The display is driven by two drive motors and a pair of steal cables. It really runs smooth, no vibration.

As you can see by the pictures, it is attached to the left side of my layout. I built a bridge from the opposite side. The bridge can fold down and out of the way when not in use. No duck-unders! Let me know what you think. I think the guys would be interested in this concept. Note that it can be built into a layout also.

There are 9 shelves, six feet long. or in N scale you can have 9 shelves, but you can double track each shelve, so you can handle 18 six foot long trains. In "O" scale you can have 5 shelves. The unit will support about 36 pounds. You can also link the units together to form a storage unit up to 18 feet long. The Elevator comes in two lengths, six and four foot.

I would promote this concept as being attractive to those individuals that have a lot of engines and/or rolling stock, but just don't have the yard or staging space available to them. If you are in "N" scale, being able to store and retrieve 18 six foot long trains is quite impressive, if you don't have the space for large yards.

The following are photos takem for the 2007 Convention by Brad Philbrick

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