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Central Indiana
Area Layouts


There are many good layouts in and around Central Indiana and many, many more throughout the Central Indiana Division. Many of these are listed because they have been featured during various Layout Tours around the Division. Others will be listed as information becomes available.

The building of the N Scale 'Middlefork Branch of the Southern Ry' Raffle Layout

Anderson-Muncie Area Layouts

Charley Goodard - (HO scale)
George Harris' B&O Sandpatch - HO Scale
Roger Hensley's ECI (East Central Indiana) - HO scale (NMRA)
Matt Hewitt's Shadowtown Ridge RR - HO Scale & Crow Valley RR - G Gauge (NMRA)
Matt Lappin's HO Central Indiana & Ohio RR
Dick McPherson GN RR HO
Muncie Children's Museum - O27
Rick Norris' RGS RR (On30) - Pendleton, IN
Dale Scrivnor's HO C&O RR
Richard Seymour's HO "Rat Hole Divison" RR
Bob Trueblood's Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus Train - HO Scale (NMRA)
Brian Wolfe - O27

Bloomington-Columbus Area Layouts

Al Askerberg - On30 Scale (NMRA)
Alan Bales - HO Scale
Bob Case HO Scale NMRA
Keith Clark - HO Scale (NMRA)
Columbus Club Layout at Johnson County Park (NMRA)
Dan Goins, Martinsville - HO Scale (NMRA)
Indiana Live Steamers
Trevor Jones - N Scale (NMRA)
Ron Lane's Mann's Creek - HO/HOn3
Bryan Lemonds - HO Scale (NMRA)
Frank Marshal - HO Scale
Dave McKalip, Spencer - HO Scale
Pete Pedigo's large scale layout - 1/8 Scale (NMRA)
Steve Studley - HO Scale (NMRA)
Paul Surburg - HO Scale
Bob Talbot - HO Scale (NMRA)

Indianapolis Area Layouts

Allegheny & Western HO Model Railroad Club - HO
Joe Baker - Garden Gauge
Barry's Dream Layout - HO Scale
Tom Cain - HO (NMRA)
Jeff Carter - Garden Gauge
Mike Duncan - HO (NMRA)
Tim Gravenstreeter - N
Frank Hughes, MMR - HO
Bud Hunter, Lebanon - Garden Gauge
Kurt Kruty - HO (NMRA)
Bob Lehnen - HO (NMRA)
Jim Munns - HO
John Munson - HO (NMRA)
Naptown & White River HO Club (NMRA)
John Pancini - HO
Dave Petty - N
Steve Poe - N
Baron Simmerman's - HO (NMRA)
Jack Simpson - HO
Merle Van Steenwyck - HO
Carl Tomamichael - HO
Neil Thompson - HO (NMRA)

Noblesville-Fisher-Carmel Area Layouts - 6/26/07

Dick Bougerie - HO (NMRA)
Tom Fitzsimmons - HOn3 (NMRA)
Paul George - Garden Gauge
David Graff, Carmel - Garden Gauge
Steve Johnson - HO (NMRA)
Bill Myers - (Portable) (NMRA)
Mike Nocoletti - HO (NMRA)

Kokomo Area Layouts - 5/19/07

Kokomo Model Railroad Club - HO
Denny Baker - HO
Steve Ball - HO
Art Dorneman - HO (NMRA)
Bill & Mike Gilbert - N (NMRA)
Al Gollner - HO
Norwood Hall - HO (NMRA)
Dick Harrison - HO (NMRA)
Lee Johnson - HO (NMRA)
Tom Morris - HO (NMRA)
Gary Sherrill - HO (NMRA)
Carl Stahl - HO (NMRA)
Jim Thomas - HO (NMRA)

Lafayette Area Layouts

The Purdue University Model Railroad Club - HO
Chuck Tuttle - HO
Ted Luce - HO (NMRA)
Ron Burkhardt - HO
Larry Swanson's layout - HO

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