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Allegheny & Western HO Model Railroad Club - HO

The Allegheny & Western HO Model Railroad Club layout is inspired by the Cass Scenic Railroad. This railroad models the town of Cass, West Virgina including the mill that supports the town...
Click for More - 11/18/2007

Joe Baker - Garden Gauge

Joe's home Garden layout is of the Narrow gauge European railroads. He has passenger trains including the "Glacier Express" of the Swiss alps. Photo Slide 1

"Barry's Dream Layout" - HO Scale

Noble of Indiana in Indianapolis serves Adults and Preschool age children who have a developmental disability. One of the activities or services from Noble is the "Dream Team" that seeks to make Dreams come true for some...
Click for More - 10/20/2009

Tom Cain - HO (NMRA)

Layout Tour

Tom's layout is a Santa Fe prototype set in the early 1950's with late steam and early diesel power. The layout is a 25' long dogbone with two cab operation. Control is provided by the "Throttle for All Seasons" built from an article in Model Railroader magazine. Scenery was 50% complete when Tom dismantled the layout due to a move to a new home. The layout will be created anew.

Additional pictures: Slide 1 - Slide 2.

Jeff Carter - Garden Gauge

Jeff has a backyard control tower to observe and operate his layout, and this tower also doubles as a storage area for the trains. Photo Slide 1

Mike Duncan - HO (NMRA)

Engine facilities Set in the 1960s to early 1970s era, Mike's motive power features 1st and 2nd generation diesel locomotives. His railroad features the Milwaukee Railroad with connections to the New York Central and is set in the southern Indiana area. The layout is about 25 to 30 in size and has both single track and double track mainline trackage. Mike uses the Digitrax DCC controls and can operate up to four trains at a time. He has one main yard and another off the layout.
Additional pictures: Slide 1 - Slide 2.

Tim Gravenstreeter - N

Tim's N scale layout represents 5 miles of urban trackage on a harbor front. It includes a viaduct with much elevated track. Tim also has an HO modular layout of the Walther's steel mill under construction.

Frank Hughes, MMR - HO (NMRA)

Frank has a freelance railroad with loads of superdetailed scratchbuilt structures. Frank started this layout years ago, and parts of the layout were judged to help him certify for his MMR status which he received many years ago.
Click Here - 10/23/2007

Bud Hunter, Lebanon - Garden Gauge

Bud has 325 feet of track in a nicely landscaped area. His railroad was on the cover of the June 2000 Garden Railroads Magazine and was the featured layout! - Cover Photo

Kurt Kruty - HO (NMRA)

The Milwaukee. Road - Southwestern Line, (Racine, Wisconsin to Savanna, Illinois) layout consists of trackage from Racine Wisconsin to Beloit Wisconsin around 1950 and includes interchanges with CNW. Operation may be point to point or continuous. Kurt is considering... Click for More

Bob Lehnen - HO (NMRA)

C&EIThe Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad (C&EI) is an HO scale model railroad based on the prototype C&EI Railroad as it existed at the end of World War II until its incorporation into the Missouri Pacific Railroad in the late 1960s. The C&EI in the 1950s models the prototype's Danville and Evansville subdivisions from Chicago to Evansville, Indiana (see map). It includes the key operational points...
Click for More.

Jim Munns - HO (NMRA)

Jim models the Chicago Northwestern railroad in the Wisconsin area. The railroad is set in the mid 1950's and has several steam engines and 15-20 diesels. He runs passenger trains, and uses the Digitrax DCC system. The layout is in a 600 square foot room.

John Munson - HO (NMRA)

John's Virginian Ry. is set circa April 1954. For anybody familiar with the VGN, or S W Virginia the layout is being modeled from Mullens to Deepwater, basically the New River Division second sub. It's all about coal trains & coal mines. This is a multilevel 20x26 layout with an estimated... Click for More

Naptown & White River HO Club (NMRA)

The Club has a large HO scale layout in its own dedicated building. The club has been organized since 1966 and has been in this building since 1980. The building is 40'x60' and has a workshop in one end of the building. The layout has 400' of mainline track which is a single track with various passing sidings. The club uses Kurtz Kraft walkaround throttles with memory. The blocks are controlled with a conventional 6 segment rotary switches. It usually takes 5-6 members to operate the layout and it frequently runs on timeclock scheduling. The layout has a new dispatchers panel which they are happy to show off! The era for this layout is 1958 to 1962 and it is set in Southern Indiana with well detailed track and scenery is complete except for some recent changes.
Addidional pictures: Slide 2 - Slide 3.

John Pancini's JK&W Railroad - HO

After receiving the Rusty Spike and reading Tom's article about sending digital photos of layouts to you, I decided to send you some of the photos of my HO scale layout...Click for More.

Dave Petty - N

An N scale layout featuring Dave's own freelance railroad called the Midwest Central. This railroad is currently in the process of "purchasing" his former Bud lines Railroad which was his model railroad in a previous location. Dave wrote several articles about this railroad in Model Railroader Magazine back in the 1970's... Click for More.

Steve Poe - N

A superdetailed 23x8 foot, N scale, 1950 Union Pacific plus Nn3 logging and mining lines though the Rockies. Many scratch-built steam and diesel locos from 4-12-2 to 4-4-0 Camel-back (also a unique 0-2-2-0). Locos start from an 18 stall roundhouse... Click for More.

Baron Simmerman's HO Scale Layout:

Baron Simmerman models Conrail from Avon to East St. Louis. His time period is late 70's to 2000. He actually has 5,000 feet of track, with a helix. The layout is 50% scenic and ballasted. He used code 100 on the main and code 83 on the sidings. This layout is an operational layout with Digitrax...

Jack Simpson - HO (NMRA)


Jack's custom built full basement HO layout is based on a B&O & Monon prototype with touches of other Indiana Railroads added. The layout has long runs of three track main line with plenty of industrial switching and is fully signalized and has night time lighting. The layout and it's highly detailed scenery are nearly complete. It was the cover feature article in the December 1999 NMRA bulletin

Addidional pictures: Slide 1 - Slide 2.

Merle Van Steenwyck - HO

Merle's HO layout features highly detailed city scenery built for viewing at eye level.

Carl Tomamichael - HO (NMRA)

Tomamichael Carl's New York Central Railroad layout is 25' by 34' and runs throughout his basement. It is set in Indiana and includes some of the downtown Indianapolis area including the Union Station area. The layout is completely operational and has complete scenery in some areas. Some of the layout runs along exterior walls and in some places the layout only comes out 12 inches from the wall and in some places it comes out 31 inches. Carl has built finished cabinets for storage under parts of the layout. His railroad is set in the time period of 1945 to 1955 so he is able to operate both steam and diesel locomotives. Because of this era he is also able to operate passenger trains.

Neil Thompson - HO (NMRA)

Bald Mountain & Big Muddy Line services mine, livestock and logging set in the 1911 to 1913 period. Built for scenery rather than operation, most of the structures are scratch built. There are over 300 rock castings, hand laid track and over 4,000 ties.


Photo Credits:
NYC Station - It's the 1950s and Lightening Stripe painted New York Central covered wagons roll pass a station on Carl Tomamichael's HO Scale New York Central Railroad. Photo by Tom Cain Allother photos by Roger Hensley
Gravenstreeter, Naptown Trestle, Union Station - April 1997
Midland & Great Western - October 1995
Duncan, Petty, Simpson - March 2000

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