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The Back Shop on a railroad is a shop where locomotives are repaired. The CID Back Shop is a place to get help with modeling problems or find "fixes" for situations on your model railroad. This can be help with any area of the hobby from the very beginning to advanced situations.

If you have been a model railroader for any length of time, you've undoubtedly added to your modeling skillset. Just as you have learned many tips and techniques from other modelers, we'd like to suggest you share those new skills with others who perhaps haven't been modeling as long. A great way to accomplish this is for you to give a clinic at one of the CID Meets. If you have questions, we have answers. Planning and presenting a clinic isn't that hard (really, it isn't), and help is available.
For more information or to volunteer, contact:
Clinic Chairman Bill Schoonmaker at
(812) 275-2211 (Home) or (812) 583-4270 (Cell),


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DCC - Scenery - Electrical - Structures - Operations

Photography - Weathering/Painting - Benchwork/Trackwork

E-Mail Discussion List
cidlist - The Central Indiana Division has a Yahoo e-mail discussion list ( ) that is for the sharing of model railroad, railfan or railroad information of interest to modelers living within the boundaries of the CID. It is a restricted list open to anyone living within the CID sharing these interests, but is only open to those outside CID boundaries by invitation or by special request.

To join, you can send a message to:
Mail to: rhensley_anderson@juno,com
Subject: subscribe CID List
Body: subscribe cidlist your_e-mail_address, name and location.

In May of 1995, the first CID page went up to promote the MWR regional convention Indy 95. By May 24th, the first pages had joined it and the CID website was born. It has been on-line ever since. For your enjoyment, here are those first pages. Click Here

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